Friday, August 2, 2013

Seeking Nominations for Registration and Standards Committee (R&SC)

The Registration and Standards Committee is looking for a member to represent the Young Professional community....
Applicants should be familiar with the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC or ICTTechStandard and be professionally registered or working towards professional registration.
For more information about the role, read on...
Primary Focus: represent the interests of the “Young Professionals” community on Registration & Standards Committee.

Duties and Responsibilities: to help ensure that there is balanced opportunity to influence development of policy and standards in relation to professional registration from the different sections of the engineering and technology communities, in respect of qualifications awarded by the IET.

Pre-requisites: shall be familiar with the Engineering Council’s UK-SPEC or ICTTech Standard and be professionally registered or working towards professional registration.  Shall have the ability to judge competence for professional registration.

Support / Training Provided: no formal training is required, but new R&SC members should be prepared to ‘sample’ every registration Volunteer activity, i.e. Stages 2 and 4 assessments, professional review interviews and accreditation visits.  Existing Committee Members and staff are happy to answer any questions.

Attendance: meetings are held approximately every two to three months, involving half a day attendance in London, plus a few hours beforehand to read the papers. Involvement in ongoing registration activities, such as Working Parties, is expected.

Period of Service for Committee Members: this is normally three years.

If you're interested, you can apply with a copy of your CV to the RSSU – CVs will be reviewed by an informal nominations panel of the Registration and Standards Committee.

The deadline for nominations is Friday 31 August 2013.


Monday, March 11, 2013

YP needed for Knowledge Management Board...

The IET is looking for a new member for Knowledge Management Board for a vacancy arising on 1st October 2013.

The requirements for the role are that this person should be a Young Professional (the governance states that they must be under the age of 30 on the date that they join the Board). Ideally, we would like someone who has knowledge of the academic publishing industry, either having worked...
in it or had their papers published.

The Board meets four times a year for a 5 hour meeting which is usually held in Savoy Place or, as of August, an alternative London venue and if unable to attend in person, you would be welcome to dial-in. Reasonable travel expenses will, of course, be reimbursed.

The Terms of Reference and Person Specification can be found below.
If you're interested , you will need to submit a CV and a brief covering letter/e-mail ( to us detailing why you feel you would be well-suited for the post.
If you think you know someone who is suited to the role and may be interested, please pass this information on.  Having the right Young Professional representation on the IET's Main Boards and Committees is essential in making the IET relevant for tomorrows engineers and technicians...
Knowledge Management Board – Terms of Reference
Responsible to the Board of Trustees for the planning and implementation of the IET’s knowledge management strategy.
  • Provide assurance to the Board of Trustees concerning the effective delivery of strategic programmes as delegated by the Board of Trustees;
  • Monitor performance of strategic programmes as delegated by the Board of Trustees.
Terms of reference
Strategic advice and support
  • Overseeing the creation of capability to deliver the knowledge management strategy;
  • Recommending changes to the IET’s knowledge management strategic direction;
  • Supporting the development and enhancement of the knowledge management strategy;
  • Looking beyond the period of the IET Plan, provide advice that will enable the IET to maintain its position as a world class provider of knowledge products and services.
  • Advising on Sector and Communities policy.
Supporting the effective and efficient delivery of the IET Plan
  • Providing input during the creation of the IET Plan, identifying requirements for new initiatives, and the adjustment or cessation of activities;
  • Providing assurance to the Board of Trustees that the final draft IET Plan is aligned to their longer range strategic objectives and that they have had the appropriate opportunity to input to the planning process;
  • Keeping under review the portfolio of knowledge management products and services to ensure that they are continuing to meet user needs;
  • Approving proposals for the establishment of communities and networks, monitoring their performance, and, when appropriate, closing them down;
  • Arranging for named lectures and lectures of broad interest outside the programme of the communities and networks;
  • Approving proposals for Lifetime Achievement awards, Innovation Awards and medals (including the Faraday Medal).
Stewardship, assurance and risk management
  • Ensuring that supporting governance and community, member and volunteer groups are co-ordinated, guided, monitored and well-motivated to deliver the IET Plan;
  • Recommending to the Board of Trustees the creation and dissolution of governance, community, member and volunteer groups which report through the Board;
  • Monitoring performance against the IET Plan using KPIs, as defined in the balanced scorecard, and ensuring that progress is being made;
  • Providing advice on longer range issues that might impact the effective and efficient delivery of the IET Plan and identifying mitigations;
  •  In respect of those risks delegated to the Board, operating a risk management process.  Identifying and responding to other significant and material risks to the IET’s "licence to operate" and its capability to deliver its long term objectives;
  • Providing a process to ensure that Knowledge Management activity, irrespective of where it is delivered, complies with the strategy and IET Plan.
Stakeholder management
  • Operating a process to identify and manage all key stakeholders;
  • Identifying key issues and creating an action plan to engage members and other stakeholders both pro-actively and in response to their needs and expectations;
  • Ensuring that the portfolio of knowledge management products and services takes full account of the needs of young professionals;
  • Liaising with other Boards.
Knowledge Management Board Member - Person Specification
Each board member should be able to demonstrate as many as possible of the following skills:
  • Understanding and commitment to the IET and its objectives;
  • An understanding and acceptance of the legal duties, responsibilities and liabilities of Board membership;
  • Integrity;
  • The ability to make good, independent judgements;
  • The ability to develop policy;
  • High level strategic thinking and vision;
  • Ability to assess performance;
  • Ability to think creatively;
  • Willingness to speak their mind;
  • Ability to work effectively as a member of a team;
  • Ability to influence, empower and where necessary lead a team;
  • Experience in one or more of the sectors of interest to the IET.
The Knowledge Management Board as an entity needs skills and experience in the following areas:
  • Strategic leadership of a global organization;
  • Governance and non-executive directorship;
  • Serving the public interest;
  • Strategic planning, and monitoring and evaluating performance in commercial and non-profit organisations;
  • Policy development;
  • Financial management;
  • Risk management;
  • Influencing stakeholders;
  • Public relations/communication/marketing;
  • Understanding of the international engineering and technology industry.
  • Web-based information dissemination experience;
  • Scientific/academic publishing knowledge;
  • Conferences/events experience;
  • Sales/advertising/marketing experience;
  • Secondary publishing experience;
  • Understanding of the community dynamic.
  • Legal;
  • Diversity;
  • Awareness of young persons' issues.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Call for nominations...

Dear Young Professional colleagues

Call for applications from suitable candidates for the Young Professional Co-ordination Team (YPCT)
The Young Professionals Co-ordination Team (YPCT) is seeking applications for 1 position from all IET Young Professionals for the 2012/13 session (beginning October 1) for a period of 3 years. Full details of the role and composition of the YPCT are detailed below.
The Young Professional Forum (YPF) will be informed of the voting process and vote on the applications. Applicants will be notified of the outcome shortly after.

Eligibility Criteria
To be eligible for election to the YPCT, a YP should have, within the previous two years:
(i)         completed a term of office on an IET Board, Committee or Council, or,
(ii)        held an executive role in a Technical and Professional Network Executive Committee, Younger Members Section or Local Network Committee.  It is preferred that one or more executive roles have been held for a period of three years to coincide with the term of office above.

Applicants from all other regions will be considered.  Applicants from South Asia are strongly encouraged to apply.

If you are interested in standing for election to the YPCT, please apply in writing to the YP & Volunteer Engagement Manager at Your application letter should include a brief Curriculum Vitae, and a supporting statement not exceeding 300 words explaining how you will add value to the YP Community through your involvement with the YPCT.

Additionally, letters of support from employers (confirming commitment to travel periods) and or local networks will be look upon favourably.

Applications should be received not later than 17th August 2012 and YPF voting will take place the following two weeks afterward this deadline.

Yours sincerely

David Leong
YPCT Chair

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

IET Kolkata Updates

by Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay, Chairman IET YPS Kolkata

IET Kolkata continues its various activities and maintains its membership growth.

Technotica – 2012

Technotica, a technical project competition was held in MCKV Institute of Engineering in collaboration with young professional section of the IET, Kolkata network on 08-12 January, 2012. Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay, Chairman YPS Kolkata informed that initially around 40 projects were submitted wherefrom around 14 projects compete in the final level. After competitions all models were exhibited for next few days. Mr. A N Chowdhury, past chairman of Mumbai and Kolkata Network graced the event being in the judge-panel. During answering to the questions by the news channel, he pointed out the need expectation of the industry from our engineering students. Senior faculty members from Jadavpur University and IEM, Kolkata came and praised the students. Among different projects, oxygen saver, unmanned railway crossing, etc got good attention from the visitors. Top five projects latter were sent to another technical project competition of eastern India organized by BITM and achieved good name and attention. Two projects “oxycon” and “railway traffic collision avoidance system” own best prize award.

Sensors and Their Networking

One day national seminar on 'Sensors and Their Networking' was organized by department of applied physics, university of Calcutta in collaboration with IET-UK Kolkata Local Network, IEEE PES Kolkata Chapter and Electronica India on February 25, 2012 at CRNN auditorium, University of Calcutta Saltlake Campus. It was a grand success. Almost around hundred technologists and students from various parts of the eastern India participated in this seminar. The inauguration ceremony was graced by Professor Samarjit Sengupta, Chairman IET Kolkata

Invited Speech on “Transformer Losses”

Renowned professor Dr. Anish Dev delivered an invited speech by series of two lectures on “Losses in transformer” at MCKV Institute of Engineering on 14.03.2012 and 21.03.20012. It was attended by 70 students of Electrical Engineering Department.

New 100 Student members

Young Professional Section of IET Kolkata has gained 100 new students members. Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay, Chairman of IET YPS Kolkata handed over the details to Ms. Chitra Robinson, office Staff of Bangalore Office in an executive committee meeting of IET Kolkata Network.

Factory Visit

Young Professional Section of IET Kolkata organized a factory visit program for its students members of Techno India Chapter. They visited a near by thermal power plant and got some practical experience. Ms. Sawan Sen from YPS and Ms. Priyanka Roy, student coordinator organized this visit; they informed that around 50 students participated in this program.

PATW 2012 Kolkata

PATW 2012 Kolkata has been a big success in this year. Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay, Chairman of YPS, IET Kolkata, was organizing Secretary of PATW 2012 Kolkata this year. It was organized in three venues and there was four venue coordinators, Ms Tista Banerjee, Ms. Priyanka Roy, Ms. Barnaly Kundu Sarkar and Ms. Bidisa Jana. Around 150 students from various engineering colleges participated in the mega event. From the twelve were selected for final. Six were selected from first prefinal held at MCKV Institute of Engineering on 20.03.2012 and other six were selected from second prefinal held at Techno India on 21.03.2012. The final of PATW 2012 Kolkata was held in BP Poddar Institute of Management and Technology on 27.03.2003. This year panel of judges included various distinguished and successful personalities of the region. For example, it included Dr. Swapan Kumar Gowsamy, former Director, Netaji Shubhas Open University, Mr. A N Chowdhury, Past Chairman IET Kolkata and Mumbai, Mr. M Chakraborty, Senior Fellow and executive committee member of IET Kolkata, Prof. S S Thakur, Professor, MCKVIE, Prof. R Mukherjee, professor, Techno India, Mr. Debasish Mitra, Executive Engineer, Bhushan Steel, Mrs. M Gupta from GNIT.

In the inaugural ceremony, Dr. Surajit Chattopadhyay, chairman IET YPS Kolkata, briefed about the program and YPS activity, Mr. R Gupta, secretary, IET Kolkata, focused on Kolkata Network activities and Mr A N Chowdhury, Former Chairman, IET Kolkata, gave a presentation on IET, professional home for life. At the award distribution ceremony, Dr. S Chaitterjee thanked all participants, supporters and venue coordinators of the events

Participants were given certificate for presentation. Md Saddam from MCKVIE became the winner and Tunir Saha from BPPIMT became second in this competition. They were awarded by money, certificates and medal.

IET 360 @ Chennai, India

Monday, March 26, 2012


Saturday, 3rd March 2012, was amongst the most looked upon and a memorable day for the department of E&TC at PICT as PICT-IET student chapter was inaugurated. The inaugural event started at 11.30am by invoking the blessings of “Maa Saraswati” and followed by the felicitation of chief guests for the day-

  • · Mr. Freddy Dinshaw, Chairman ,IET Mumbai local network
  • · Dr. Mrs. Madhuri Joshi, Vice-chair, IET Mumbai local network.
  • · Mr. Pravin Patil, Secretary, IET Mumbai local network
  • · Mr. Rajesh Patwardhan, PRO, IET Mumbai local network

Senior faculty members of IET and Branch counselors from other institutes at Pune namely, Mr. S. P. Ranade, Senior Fellow Member of IET, Dr. A.M. Sapkal, COEP, Pune, Ms. Wrushali Mendre, SKN, Pune, Mr, Suraj Chavan, CCOEW, Pune, Mr. Ambore, VIIT, Pune also graced the function with their valuable presence.

After the formal welcome and felicitation of the chief guest and guest of honor by the Vice Principal, Management Representative and HOED during the Inauguration function, Dr. Mrs. Madhuri Joshi, Mr. S. P Ranade and Mr. Freddy Dinshaw introduced students to the many policies and ultimately the benefits of IET which encouraged many students in enrolling themselves as the student members of IET. Their experienced words also communicated the importance and necessity of professional association exposing them to the pool of opportunities IET has to benefit the young minds not only at the student level but also after their graduations.

They also encouraged the students to also have the zeal of learning and exploring which will bring success at each front. The IET Mumbai network office bearers handed over the check worth Rs. 1,00,000/- to Prof. Girish Potdar, Vice Principal, PICT, Dr. Y. Ravinder, HOD, Dept of E&TC, PICT , Prof. Narkhede for the yearly scholarship in name of “Mr. Kharas” to be given to a deserving IET Student member.

The Inauguration function was followed by a series of lectures, which included

  • · “Advantages of IET Membership” by Mr. Rajesh Patwardhan
  • · “Necessity and Benefits of Professional Registration” by Mr. Pravin Patil
  • · “Design Process for Embedded Systems” by Mr. Freddy Dinshaw

The interesting lecture series was followed by a lunch break at 2.00 pm. At 3.00 pm the “Debate

Competition” arranged by the PICT-IET student chapter started There were around 35 participants and the first round was the elimination round to shortlist only 12 participants in two teams of six each for the second round which was group discussion. Only one winner from each team had one to one and neck to neck fight for the final trophy. The entire event went on very smoothly and with a great gust of enthusiasm as the participants loved to speak on the subjects given and performed very well on stage. There were audience questions in between the rounds which kept interest of audience on peak. The judges for the afternoon event were –

  • · Prof. S.S. Narkhende, E&TC Dept.
  • · Dr. A.Y. Ravinder, HOED, E&TC Dept
  • · Prof. R.B.Ingale, IEEE Branch counselor, Computer Dept.
  • · Mrs. Shweta Dharmadhikari, IT Dept.
  • · Prof. Mrs. A.A.Joshi, FE Dept.

After a tough judging time, the winner and the runner up was declared. The winner of debate competition was Sourabh Kulkarni and the runner up was Rasik Pansare.

The event went on as organized and coordinated by

  • · Mrs. Mousami Munot , Branch counselor PICT- IET student Branch
  • · Mr. Lalit Patil, Branch counselor PICT- IET student Branch

The tireless efforts of 38 volunteers made the event a grand success. The experience for volunteers was very enormous. The co-coordinators and HOED were very supportive and guided so very well that every volunteer was so relaxed but still a lot of zest. We organized the debate competition in PICT for the very first time and gained a very memorable experience in all the fields. The entire team is now looking forward to a very well organized and innovative intercollegiate and a national level event as a whole which will for sure take PICT and IET together to greater heights.

Sunday, March 25, 2012


The Institution of Engineering and Technology (The IET)
was founded in 1871, as the Society of Telegraph Engineers. As
the application of electrical engineering spread beyond
telegraphy to power, lighting and other areas, the name was
changed to the Institution of Electrical Engineers. It was
granted a Royal Charter in 1921. In 2006, the IET was formed to
further reflect developing technologies.
The IET, as a registered charity (in England and Scotland),
exists to facilitate the exchange of information and ideas for the
advancement of science, engineering and technology. The IET
has two main roles as a professional body - the maintenance of
professional engineering standards and, as a global knowledge
network, the interchange and dissemination of knowledge and
Increasingly, the IET is projecting its voice and
contributing to the major issues of our time such as climate
change, affordable energy, transportation, sustainable
development, the skills shortage and, perhaps one of the more
fundamental topics, education. The IET has a strong presence in
India, with an office in Bangalore and Local Networks of leading
engineers and IT professionals in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi,
Kolkata and Mumbai.
The IET provides a global knowledge network to facilitate
the exchange of ideas and promote the positive role of science,
Engineering and technology.
The IET Chennai Local Network was formed in year 1950 with
good technical professional members from electrical
engineering field .Year 2010 was celebrated as Diamond Jubilee
Year for Chennai Local Network .The IET Young Professionals
Section Chennai formed in year 2006.
The IET YPSC regularly conducting various activities to
improve the technical skills of IET student members.
IET-SSE students chapter was inaugurated on November
2009 by IET Chennai network chairman Mr. Ellappan and
today(17-11-2011) 150 members were newly joined and 30
committee members were taken their responsibilities to make
SSE chapter the top one.
The Seminar & Techfest was inaugurated by Dr.D.N.
Ramachandran , Vice chairman, IET Chennai chapter. His
motivational speech inspired by all IET members , followed by
felicitation by our principal Dr. P. Shankar.
After the inauguration , a seminar was conducted by Prof.
Clement HOD/S&H to our IET students about “Positive Thinking
and Life Achievements”, the members were involved by doing
some activities about positive memory. “ I Shall, I Will, I do” that
was the final sound produced by our young dynamic members.
After the High Lunch, the program started with Technical
Games like Adzab, Just a minute, Dumzy and Role play. More
than 100 students participated in this competition and won
many prizes.
Finally the program ended with distribution of
Certificates to the students.